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Labor Relation Information

The Menlo Park Fire Protection District employs approximately 96 employees who are represented by two different bargaining units.  The Fire Chief and the Personnel Officer are responsible for negotiation on behalf of the District with representatives of those bargaining units regarding wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment.

Labor Relations Update

Safety Employees Policies and Procedures

The Board of Directors at its meeting of August 21, 2012 approved the attached Policies and Procedures for Safety Employees, with the exception of the Grievance Procedure.  These new personnel policies, rules and procedures for safety employees supersede and replace any and all old or existing personnel policies, procedures and past practices.  The grievance procedure is still under review and will be brought to the Board at a later date.  Until that time the District will follow the Firefighter Bill of Rights on this issue.

Safety Employees Policies and Procedures


At the August 21, 2012 Board Meeting, President Nachtsheim reported the Board reviewed a bargaining proposal from AFSCME and agreed to accept the proposal.  A new two-year negotiated contract will be executed and after it is formally adopted by AFSCME it will be Sunshined and will be ratified by the Board of Directors at the October 16, 2012 Board Meeting.  Congratulations were extended to AFSCME and everyone who worked on the agreement.

Letter to AFSCME by Chief


Negotiations with Fire Union, Local 2400

The Menlo Park Fire Protection District (MPFPD) and the Menlo Park Firefighters Association, District 10 of I.A.F.F., Local 2400 are working together as partners to make positive changes and improvements which will benefit  the firefighters, the District and the Community that we serve. With that commitment in mind, the District has developed a draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as a starting point to return to the bargaining table. As part of the Fire Board’s transparency policy to the community and their employee’s , this draft MOU is posted to our website to assure that everyone is aware of the District’s starting position for the wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment on which the District would like to reach agreement.

The draft MOU, includes the current hourly  pay rates,  supplemental earnings, medical benefits, and cash allocation plan, annual leave requirements and hours, treatment of bereavement, unpaid and other leaves, insurance, retirement, grievance procedures and union issues.  The Menlo Park Firefighters Association has declined  to return to the bargaining table. Link to the documents are listed below:

Draft Mou 6/21/12

Senior Inspector

Union Response to Fire Chief 7/22/12
District offer to engage in State Mediation  7/25/2012


Labor Relations Policies

Amendments and Improvements to Current District Practices and Policies Affecting Safety Employees: At its November 15, 2011 Board Meeting, the Menlo Park Fire Protection District Board of Directors unanimously approved Resolution 1498-2011, which Reconsidered and Amended Resolution 1493-2011. The changes are made pursuant to the District’s Labor Relations Policy and Plan (attached as Exhibit A), as well as the District’s Compensation Philosophy (attached as Exhibit B).  All changes are consistent with principles of fairness, transparency, fiscal sustainability and accountability.  The changes are designed so that no employee will see a reduction in their gross hourly rate. Click Here

Labor Relations Communication Pollicy: At its October 18, 2011 meeting, the Board of Directors will consider adoption of a “Labor Relations Communications Policy”, which sets guidelines for the Board of Directors and District staff, to ensure that labor negotiations are conducted in good faith. Click Here

Labor Relations Policy and Plan:  At its meeting on August 16, 2011, the District’s Board of Directors adopted a nine point Action Plan to serve as a blueprint for the District’s labor relations program.  The plan encompasses a variety of “good government” principles, including good faith bargaining; transparency; rational and reasonable compensation; and work rules.  To view a copy of the nine point action plan, click here.

Compensation Philosophy:  At its meeting on August 16, 2011, the Board of Directors considered a new compensation policy.  The second reading is scheduled for the meeting on September 20, 2011.The policy establishes core principles that the Board will observe when adopting compensation plans and labor contracts, including fairness; transparency; fiscal sustainability; accountability; and flexibility.  To view a copy of the compensation philosophy, click here

Bargaining Unit and Labor Contract Information:

Union Contracts (MOUs)

International Association of Firefighters (IAFF), Local 2400

American Federation of State, County, Municipal Employees (AFSCME), Local No. 829


Healthcare Information:

The District contracts with the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) Health Benefits program for the purpose of providing employees and their dependents with access to medical insurance benefits.

The District also maintains a Cafeteria Plan, pursuant to Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code, for the purpose of providing employees with access to various health and welfare benefits.

2013 Health Plan Rates(HMO/PPO):

Under Dental Reimbursement Plan – the District contributes $122 per month, per employee towards a self-insured dental reimbursement plan.  Employees submit expenses and receipts once a year and receive reimbursement according to the plan provisions.