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Forms and Documents
Budget Other Documents
Adopted Budget FY 13/14 Pay Schedule
Staff report Appropriations Limit 2013-2014
AFSCME Pay Table
Chief Officers
IAFF Pay Table

Trainee Pay Table

Unrepresented Support Mid Management Pay Table 02/04/14
Unrepresented Support Staff Jan to June 2013
Unrepresented Support Staff Staff Report
Exhibit 1
Gann 2012 Staff Report FY 2011 USAR Program Guidance and Application kit
Single Audit FY 2009-10
AFSCME LTD Reso 2/16/10
AFSCME LTD Staff Report 2/16/10
LTD MOU Amendment 2/16/10
Confidential Support Staff Staff Report 11/17
2006-2008 MOU MPFD 10 IAFF Local 2400
Proposed Budget Staff Report FY 12/13 July 08-July 2011 AFSCME MOU
Unrepresentative Employees Jan. 9, 2008 to July 8, 2010
Unrepresentative Employees CPI Adj. July 9, 2008
Unrepresentative Employees July 9, 2009-January 8, 2010
MPFPD ISO Insurance Report
MPFD 2011-2012 Single Audit Report
Municipal Sphere of Influence Review
Notice of Claim Forms (word document)
Salary & Benefits Calendar Year 2012
W2 Wages 2012
Salary & Benefits Calendar Year 2011
Unrepresented Support Staff
W2 Wages 2011
2010/2011 Expenditure Salary & Benefits Calendar Year 2010
2010/2011 Internal Service Fund AFSCME Pay Rate Table for July 9, 2010 – July 8, 2011
Salary & Benefits Calendar Year 2009
Salary Table Unrepresentative Management
Unrepesented Staff Resolution
Unrepresented Staff Report
Unrepresented Salary Table
  Unrep Salary Table 09
Salary & Benefits Calendar Year 2008
Preamble Compensation
Payrate Tables
W2 Wages
Annual Reports
2011 Annual Report
Facilities Condition Assessment