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Forms and Documents
Current Budget Other Documents
Adopted Budget FY 15/16 Forms
Budget 2015 / 2016 Notice of Claim Forms (word document)
Proposed Budget FY 15/16 Pay Schedule
Chief Officers Salary Schedule
Management and Unrep Salary Schedule
IAFF Pay Table
Adopted Budget FY 14/15 Trainee Pay Table

AFSCME 2016 Salary Schedule

Adopted Budget FY 13/14 MOU
Firefighters MOU Full Document
Jan 15 - Jan 2018 AFSCME MOU
Chief Officers Compensation Plan 2015-2016
Management and Unrep Compensation Plan 2015-2016
Salary & Benefits Calendar Year 2014
Staff Report Appropriations Limit 2015-16 W2 Wages 2014
Staff Report Appropriations Limit 2014-15 State Controller's Version
Gann 2012 Staff Report  
Salary & Benefits Calendar Year 2013
W2 Wages 2013
MPFPD ISO June 2004 Insurance Report  
MPFPD ISO January 2013 Insurance Report Salary & Benefits Calendar Year 2012
W2 Wages 2012
Annual Reports
2011 Annual Report
Facilities Condition Assessment
MPFD 2011-2012 Single Audit Report  
Budget 11/12  
Single Audit & Memorandum of Internal Control  
Property Tax Allocation Overview  
Staff Report - Property Tax Allocation  
Revenue Options for MPFD