Administrative Services

kathy.jpg Kathy Jackson, Administrative Services Manager: Kathy Jackson has been with the Menlo Park Fire District since January 2015. Kathy has over 20 years of Municipal and Special District finance experience. Kathy graduated with an MBA Masters of Business Administration and a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Division is responsible for the administration of the financial affairs, internal support activities, and Board Clerk of the Menlo Park Fire Protection District. The Division provides financial, analytical, purchasing, and support to all Fire District operations, departments and programs, and ensures financial accountability to the public; coordinates the District's budget process and annual independent audit; manages Capital Improvement Projects/Station improvements and replacement; provides administrative assistance to the District’s Board of Directors, facilitates the conduct of business by the Board, and maintains a true record of all proceedings of the Fire Board; meets all requirements regarding public postings, legal advertising, and mailing of public hearing notices. Specifically, the Division processes accounts receivable, accounting entries, accounts payable, financial reporting, purchase orders, project/construction management, Board reports, and other documents to Board and Committees.

Accounting manages and maintains the general accounting and financial records of the Menlo Park Fire Protection District. This Division is also primarily responsible for the external audit of the District's financial records and preparation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. The Accounts Payable function within the Accounting Division matches and reconciles all invoices, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, contracts and agreements prior to processing payments of District obligations. 

Budget and Analysis

Budget and Analysis provides information and analytical support to the Fire Board, and other divisions and programs as requested. In addition, Budget and Analysis manages the budget and produces periodic financial status reports, including the proposed, and adopted budget documents.