The District has a unique way of administrating the fleet of vehicles the District owns. Each emergency apparatus is designed by the Apparatus Committee that is comprised of firefighters, Captains and a Chief Officer. This process has served the District well, as they have always provided the District's firefighters with the best equipment possible.

This program includes Battalion Chief oversight, two mechanics and a ten person Apparatus Committee. The program is tasked with keeping all emergency and non-emergency response vehicles in the safest and most efficient working condition possible. This is accomplished through an aggressive preventative maintenance program and adherence to all applicable District policies, procedures, local, state and Federal laws. In addition, this program is continually evaluating and planning for future needs of the District in order to purchase vehicles that are identified with the overall strategic plan.

E1  2005 Pierce Dash.gif Engine 2.gif E3 2016.JPG

Engine 1

Engine 2

Engine 3

E4 2016 (Reserve).JPG E5 2016.JPG E6 2016 (Reserve).JPG

Engine 4

Engine 5

Engine 6

E77  2001 Pierce Saber.gif Truck 1 2015.JPG Rescue 1 - Medium Duty Rescue  1992 Pierce Dash.gif

Engine 77

Truck 1

Rescue 1

Battalion 1  2003 Chevy Suburban.gif f350.GIF Inflatable Rescue Boats - 2005.gif

Battalion Chief 1

Patrol 77

Inflatable Rescue Boats

Kawasaki Jet Skis (2015).JPG OES Water Rescue TruckTrailer.gif E101  2000 Pierce Saber.gif

Kawasaki Jet Skis

OES Water Rescue Truck

Reserve Engine 101

E102  2001 Pierce Saber.gif Air Boat 1 (2015).JPG

Reserve Engine 102

Air Boat 1