Explorer Program

The Menlo Park Fire District Explorer Post 109 is a program dedicated to educating young adults about a career in the fire service. The design of the explorer program allows the explorers to operate within post while being trained in firefighting skills by advisors employed by the fire department.

Explorers gain hands-on knowledge of the fire service through organized training at bi-weekly meetings. The short-term goal of the training is to provide the explorers with a basic understanding of the skills necessary to operate safely at a fire scene. The long-term goal is to expose explorers to the different career paths available within the fire service. The training is typically scheduled 1 year at a time and may include fire behavior classes, ladder and hose handling classes, basic medical skills training, auto extrication, an introduction to rope rescue, etc.

This program is open to any responsible person between the ages of 14 and 20 willing to learn and abide by the rules, customs, and traditions of the Menlo Park Fire Protection District. For more information please contact Eric Mijangos at 650.688.8435 or
email explorer109@menlofire.org .

The Menlo Park Fire Protection District will provide the best in the training, educating, and hands on experience for the future firefighter. The Explorer program strives to instill discipline, honor, excellence, and a higher level of understanding of the fire service.  The program will leave an overall everlasting impression.