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Sleeping and Fire Alarms

Ability of smoke alarms to waken children questioned : Concern has risen over the effectiveness of smoke alarms to waken sleeping children. Growing concern that children can sleep through a blaring smoke alarm is an emerging issue in Canada and the United States. In the United States, the Nation...

District wide Development

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General Plan Updates

• EPA - EIR General Plan Update - Council Meeting June 14, 2016 • Menlo Park General Plan Condition • Menlo Park General Plan update Fires District Comments - August 1, 2016 • Incidents 2015 • Primary Routes

Deployment Plan 2016-17

Staff Report Deployment Plan Deployment Plan Presentation

Emergency Services and Fire Protection Impact Fee Nexus Study

Menlo Park Fire Fee Nexus Impact Fee Calculation Staff Report Resolution

MPFD Grass fire Bay Front / University Ave.

DJI Quadcopter allows firefighters to watch wildfire behavior March 28, 2016

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