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Impact Fee Information

Menlo Park Fire Protection District Emergency Services and Fire Protection Impact Fee Nexus Study Menlo Park Fire Fee Nexus 2.16.pdf Resolution of the Board approving the fire protection impact fee wavier / credit policy, and approving the study to be forwarded to the cities of East Pa...

2015 Menlo Park Fire District Annual Report

The annual report attempts to capture all of pro-active and positive things we as an organization provide for and to, the communities we serve. It also serves as a measurement of the standby and important reactive nature of our business.  This year the Fire Board was able to put in place ...

Atherton Information

Report on Citygate Association, LLC Recommendations For Potential New Fire Station Locations or Station Consolidations Related to Elements of the 2015 Standards of Cover Analysis - February 21, 2017 Board Meeting   Presentation from Citygate Association, LLC ...

Menlo Park Information

Menlo Park Information Citygate February 21, 2017 report to board Archive Fire District Comments - Menlo GP EIR FIA - City Council Meeting - November 15 2016.pdf City Council - Fire Board meeting on Impact Fees ...

Winter Storm Preparations

Firefighters Prepare For the Worst but hope for the Best with the Storm Door Wide Open Winter Storm Preparations - January 7 2016.pdf

Time Standard: Fire board approves Performance base time standard

Belows list the Staff reports, Standard of Cover report by City Gate, Maps for the Traffic Calming Devices and Primary Response route, Operation Memorandum for coverage units and Palo Alto Response Routes. Staff Report  Reso 1818-2015 SOC Executive Summary Traffic Calming Devices...

Hwy 101 Motorcycle Fatality Incident

September 22, 2015 at 1747 Hours South Bound Highway 101 – Motorcycle vs. Vehicle - Fatality Incident Live Audio of the Incident Incident Summary Press Release

Menlo Park Fire Protection District 1935

Public Safety and Educational Promotional Film "They were ahead of their time"

What it looks like from the front seat of the Fire Engine: Traffic Impacts to First Responders

Dumbarton Bridge Traffic Collision Response 8/27/15 video Incident Breifing Press Release - so you think traffic condion is bad - Don't try this!

El Camino Corridor Study

El Camino Real Corridor Study submitted by Whitlock & Weinberger Transportation Inc Fire Chief's Letter to the Menlo Park City Council 

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