2015 Menlo Park Fire District Annual Report

Published on Mar 13, 2017 at 11:41a.m.

The annual report attempts to capture all of pro-active and positive things we as an organization provide for and to, the communities we serve. It also serves as a measurement of the standby and important reactive nature of our business. 

This year the Fire Board was able to put in place multi-year compensation agreements with all of our employees by having staff work closely with their bargaining groups to bring a collective fiscal stability and predictive future lasting through 2018 to the organization. As an essential and critical emergency services provider, response time is extremely important to our daily performance and ability to directly serve our residents and the communities they live and work in. This year the Fire Board adopted a time based performance standard as a future measurement and accountability tool. We are grateful for a strong local and regional economy, but we continue to be challenged as a response and service provider by both growth and traffic congestion that has accompanied this boom.

This report highlights our best efforts as a high performing public safety service provider to keep our residents, workers, visitors and pass through commuters not only safe through our fire prevention code enforcement and public outreach trainings and activities, but most importantly it identifies statistical data where the rubber literally meets the road, or more specifically how many times our dedicated and selfless first responders quickly react and respond to any emergency, large or small, anywhere in, or outside the Fire District. It is my pleasure to serve in the capacity of Fire Chief for this great organization which is staffed by an incredibly talented and dedicated workforce and to be able to present to the Fire Board and all of its Districts residents and Communities we serve this summary report for calendar year 2015.

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