Published on Jul 26, 2018 at 11:21a.m.

Menlo Park Fire Protection District– Fifteen Fire Engines and three Command Vehicles are being deployed to the Redding Fire from Fire Agencies up and down San Mateo County
8.31 AM - A request for all three San Mateo County Type 1 (Heavy) municipal Fire Engine Strike Teams from the South, Central and Northern portions of San Mateo County Fire Agencies was simultaneously received this morning. Each was asked to immediately respond to the Redding Fire.

A Fire Engine Strike Team consists of 5 Fire Engines and one Strike Team Leader. Type 1 Heavy Engines are typical to municipal metro and urban communities that require larger capacity pumps, multiple hose lines and are larger more versatile response platforms.

Fire Chief Schapelhouman said “these types of municipal Strike Teams and Fire Units are typically used for structure protection and other related activities, each is staffed with three to four firefighters. Most Fire agencies then use backfill or off -duty firefighters to re-staff reserve units making sure that normal service levels and response to each of their communities isn’t negatively effected or reduced”.

The Menlo Park Fire District currently has three other Firefighters assigned as Fire Line Paramedics to other fires Statewide and four Firefighters and a Fire Engine assigned to Redding Fire assignment. In addition, a reserve Fire engine is on loan to another San Mateo County Fire Agency.


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