BREAKING NEWS – November 12, 2018 San Mateo County Fire Agencies and Firefighters deployed to the CAMP FIRE in Butte County - Update from the Fire Line

Menlo Park Fire District’s Deputy Chief Don Long, one of two Strike Team Leaders from Fire Agencies in San Mateo County, explains that they have small windows of opportunity to communicate with family and their home Agencies due to poor or no cell coverage.

Chief Long and his assistant, Battalion Chief Tim Louis with Central County Fire along with the 5 Engine Strike Team from various Fire Agencies in San Mateo County are on the front lines of the fire fight at the “Camp Fire” in Butte County. They had a busy 24 hour shift first working in the City of Paradise again. Then they were re-Deployed when the fire spotted over an arm of Lake Oroville and they were called in to provide structure defense of homes located on Cherokee Road.

“We are still on the fire line, cell coverage is very spotty, it’s been a busy shift, everybody is good, we have gotten a lot of work done overnight so the crews are happy but they are tired.” Texted Deputy Chief Long.

Fire Chief Schapelhouman said “we just sent a line medic up to the Camp Fire and responded to a State and Federal Survey regarding our draw down and ability to send out additional resources in State, let alone manage our obligations as a Federal Response Team, if some other type of incident, like a terrorist attack, were to occur elsewhere. That happened to us on 9/11 and we managed, but our first obligation is always keeping full staffing and all units in service here at home”.

Pictured Below – Battalion Chief Tim Louis with Central San Mateo County Fire comforts his new assistant, a stray cat the Strike Team picked up while working in the City of Paradise. - Photo Credit Menlo Fire

Butte County 1.jpg

Pictured Below –  Areas of the City of Paradise are completely devastated - Photo Credit Menlo Fire

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Pictured Below – The San Mateo County Strike Team was re-deployed from the City of Paradise last night to conduct structure defense in an area near Cherokee Road after the fire spotted over a branch of Lake Oroville - Photo Credit Menlo Fire

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