Press Release: Bay Area Urban Search and Rescue Team Headed to Georgia in advance of Hurricane Irma - Update 51 more rescuers leave at 4 am by bus Saturday morning

Published on Sep 08, 2017 at 09:51a.m.

California Task Force 3

82 Person Bay Area Urban Search and Rescue Team Responding to Hurricane Irma

  • 30 Personnel have already left early Friday morning at 2 am with vehicles and equipment as part of a convoy traveling across the Country

  • 51 More are scheduled to leave Saturday morning at 4 am in two buses - they hope to catch up to the equipment convoy

  • Current Destination – Elgin Air Force Base, Georgia – 2,465 miles

  • 1 member on the Incident Support Team is flying into Puerto Rico tomorrow

Please see the attached Press Release with more details about this historic deployment

Photograph 0601 – Credit Action Photography Peter Mootz – Members of Task Force 3 conduct a briefing prior to leaving to drive straight through to Georgia

Photograph 0838 – Credit Menlo Fire – Members of Task Force 3’s convoy of emergency vehicles stop for fuel in the Mojave Desert earlier today

Current Operations

At the request of Region IV, and in anticipation of potential requests for Federal ESF #9 assistance, twelve NIMS type 1 US&R task forces (TN-TF1, AZ-TF1, CA-TF4, CA-TF1, PA-TF1, CO-TF1, CA-TF8, NE-TF1, CA-TF3, NJ-TF1, NV-TF1, and WA-TF1); and three Hazardous Materials Equipment Push Packages (HEPPs) (MD-TF1, IN-TF1 & CO-TF1) were activated to stage in either Florida or Georgia.

Full Press Release: Hurricane Irma - Deployment of 82 California Task Force 3 Search and Rescue Personnel from the Bay Area - September 8 2017.pdf

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