Press Release: Bay Area Water Rescue Team Returning from Hurricane Harvey Others prepare to leave for Hurricane Irma

Published on Sep 07, 2017 at 08:09a.m.

Menlo Park – California Task Force 3:

Fifteen members of the California Water Rescue Team known as Task Force 3, based out of Menlo Park, are scheduled to return Thursday, September 7 in the afternoon to the Teams warehouse located at 1376 Willow Road. Rex Ianson, the 16th member of the team who worked as part of an overhead management team, flew home Tuesday night.

The Firefighters, representing the Menlo Park Fire District, Palo Alto, Central San Mateo County, San Mateo, San Jose and South San Francisco Fire Departments were deployed over ten days ago. They were assigned to water based search and rescue operations in the rural areas around the City of Wharton, Texas and to then to the City itself. The Task Force was one of the only Federal Teams to use Drones for search operations. They have been on the road driving home for three days.

Full Press Release Hurricane Harvey Final and Irma - September 7, 2017.pdf

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