Press Release: California Task Force 3 Update – The Team is Staged at Eglin Airforce Base in Florida

Published on Sep 13, 2017 at 10:34a.m.

The 81 Person Bay Area Urban Search and Rescue Team is staged in a large aircraft hangar a Eglin Airforce base in Florida. They arrived Sunday and rode Hurricane Irma out on Monday. Today, they readied their equipment for potential modular deployment to anywhere they would possibly be needed and conducted team training.

30 Personnel arrived Sunday afternoon after driving 60 hours with a convoy of 11 vehicles 7 equipment trailers and over 60,000 pounds of Search and Rescue equipment including five search dogs and six drones. 51 more personnel traveling on two buses arrived after midnight, Monday, after 46 hours of almost non-stop driving. Eglin Air Force Base in Florida is 2,465 miles from Menlo Park.

Photo – Credit CA-TF3 – The Task Forces “Air Force” and compliment of DJI and Intel Drones


Photo – Credit CA-TF3 - Task Force Leader Mike Shaffer gets and gives some love from one of the Teams five Search Dogs


Photo – Credit CA-TF3 – Task Force Members prepare equipment on Tuesday working inside a large hangar


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