Press Release: Two Iron Workers injured after a catastrophic failure of steel framing used to erect Facebook Building 21

Published on Apr 27, 2017 at 11:44a.m.

At 5.21 pm, Menlo Park Firefighters responded to Facebook’s new building 21, which
is being built by General Contractor Level 10 Construction. San Mateo County Public
Safety Communications (PSC) received multiple calls that part of the building had
collapsed and two workers had fallen and were injured, but not trapped.

Based upon further reports, Menlo Battalion Chief Dan Coyle activated a level 1
multi-casualty incident which included three ambulances and a supervisor along
with a Central County Heavy Rescue out of Burlingame and Menlo Rescue 2, Truck 1
and Engines 77, 5 and 1.

Full Press Release Article: Two Iron Workers injured in catastrophic failure while constructing Facebooks new building - 4-26-2017.pdf

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