San Mateo County Fire Units Being Deployed to Napa

Published on Oct 10, 2017 at 11:48a.m.

BREAKING LOCAL NEWS - San Mateo County Fire Units Being Deployed to Napa

A total of 15 municipal Type 1 Municipal Fire Engines have now deployed from every fire agency in San Mateo County.

At 1 pm a request for the "South Zone Strike Team" was received which consists of San Mateo County, Central County and Redwood City Fire along with the Menlo Park and Woodside Fire Protection Districts to be deployed.

Each organization contributes one Type 1 Municipal Fire Engine, so a total of 5 Engines, or a "Strike Team", are headed to the Tubbs Fire with 4 personnel per unit and two commanders who travel in an SUV.

They are following 10 Engines, or two Strike Teams from Central and Northern San Mateo County that deployed at 4.30 am earlier today.

Hundreds of Fire Units are being deployed from across the State of California under the coordination of Cal-Fire and the Governors office of Emergency Services (Cal-OES) to multiple fires in Northern California.

Fire Chief Schapelhouman with the Menlo Park Fire Protection District said "what your seeing is essentially the largest combined fire agency in the world literally move an army of firefighters, equipment, air assets and supporting units into Northern California to go to war with a Fire Storm, all the while each local agency is backfilling their fire stations with reserve fire equipment and off-duty personnel who are called in to make sure each local community that is contributing to this effort continues to experience the highest level of "normal" community emergency response coverage".

It's been one week since all Personnel associated with California Task Force 3, one of the Bay Areas National Rescue Teams returned from Hurricane Maria. "Many of the same agencies responding as part of the Southern San Mateo County Fire Strike Team were also deployed to the Hurricanes, so we're glad that we are able to focus all of our attention and resources in helping our Bay Area neighbors to the North" Chief Schapelhouman said.

Tubbs, Vegetation Fire, Calistoga, Napa County, Update

  • 10,000 acres brush, 0% contained as of Monday morning
  • Numerous civilian injuries
  • Significant commercial and residential structure loss

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