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Menlo Park Fire Protection District

Making a Difference!

Local Fire Districts supporting each other as the CZU Lightning Complex

Fire nearly destroys their small communities

Here’s how you can help!


Pictured above – Menlo Park Fire Districts Reserve Training Engine was loaned to the Ben Lomond Fire District last week, noting it also now “serves the communities of Ben Lomond and Boulder Creek” – Credit Menlo Fire

The Sequoia Retreat Center in Boulder Creek says its mission is to “help create the Beloved Community by supporting people who are using their passion and energy to create a more just world. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. talked about the Beloved Community as the end goal of his non-violent work”, their web-site says. Ben Lomond Firefighters used all of their passion and energy along with a loaner Fire Engine from the Menlo Park Fire District to help save the center from burning down.

Fire Chief Schapelhouman saidMr. Lipton called today from the Sequoia Center and wanted us to know how grateful he was for the loan of the fire engine and how it helped the Ben Lomond Firefighters save his Center, which in turn made my day! If you would like to help the Ben Lomond and Boulder Creek Volunteer Fire District’s and “make their day”, we have now established a proper fund and mechanism to support them!”

Here is the link to help and support both of these small, but dedicated Volunteer fire District’s:


Pictured above – A mobile shower and laundry trailers arrive at the Boulder Creek Volunteer Fire District today! – Credit Menlo Fire

Fire Chief Schapelhouman saidwe were able to coordinate our efforts over the last several days and work with Pastor Baines with We Hope Services in East Palo Alto, who graciously supplied both the shower and laundry trailers and two people to operate them for the Boulder Creek Volunteer Firefighters, who tonight took advantage of getting cleaned up for the first time in a week and after being on the fire line all day. Over the last week we’ve adopted both of these small Fire District’s supplying them with whatever they needed, so they can focus on saving their communities!”


Pictured above – A separate sleeping area has been created for the volunteer firefighters – Credit Menlo Fire

Fire Chief Schapelhouman said “when I first arrived here Friday night, the firefighters were sleeping on the apparatus room floor in their dirty firefighting clothing, they were almost out of drinking water and a variety of other things, We brought up the cots, sleeping bags, pallets of water and Gatorade, firefighting foam, radios, toiletries and anything else they required. We’re up here daily making sure they have what they need. if people would like to help support that effort, we would very much appreciate it – Thank you!”

The Menlo Park Fire Protection District, provides critical fire and emergency services to its areas in the Town of Atherton, Cities of East Palo Alto and Menlo Park, unincorporated San Mateo County and on contract to the SLAC National Accelerator and Laboratories. In total, the Fire District has 100 Firefighters and is also a sponsoring agency for the State and National Urban Search and Rescue Response System, where it is one of eight in California and one of 28 National Rescue Teams.

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