PRESS RELEASE - May 8, 2020  

“The New Abnormal”

Are the kids driving you crazy?

Is it somebody young’s birthday?

Not to worry - We still make house calls and are trying to spread a little joy around!

Residents on Terminal Avenue in Menlo Park asked for the Firefighters to do a “fly-by” for the neighborhood kids – Credit MENLO FIRE

“Are you tired of sheltering in place, especially now that the weather is nice, or perhaps the kids are driving you a little nuts, or is it someone very young or very old’s birthday? – Let us know, we still make house calls! These are tough and difficult times for everyone and since we can no longer have our future “junior” firefighters visit our fire stations, we can always come to you! We will need to always be available for emergency responses and other related daily readiness activities like training, which simply means that nothing is ever 100% for sure, but each day we will accept a set amount of requests for our/your firefighters to come out and spread a little joy and happiness. Who knows they may ring the traditional bell, blow the air horn or turn on the red lights and siren, depending upon the age, and/or enthusiasm and reception from the crowd or groups they get”. Fire Chief Harold Schapelhouman

Firefighters on Engine 77 in Belle Haven (Menlo Park) got a warm welcome from the families and kids on Terminal Avenue this week  Credit MENLO FIRE

Captain Eggimann, Firefighter Davitte and Engineer/Paramedic Bates on Menlo Engine 77, stop for a quick picture with the kids on Terminal Avenue - Credit MENLO FIRE

The Menlo Park Fire Protection District provides critical fire and emergency services to its areas in the Town of Atherton, Cities of East Palo Alto and Menlo Park, unincorporated San Mateo County and the SLAC National Accelerator and Laboratories.

To schedule a “fly by” in our areas of jurisdiction, go to our web-site at in the upper tool bar click on the How do I? tab, go to the Others column and click on the contact us tab for the pull down information form.

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