Public Education

Bicycle Safety

The Menlo Park Fire Protection District does not issue bicycle licenses.  Please visit your local police department for more information about obtaining a bicycle license.


Burn Prevention

Hot water burns like fire. Turn your hot water heater down to a comfortable temperature to prevent unnecessary scalds and burns. Always supervise children with water and teach them to turn on the cold water first, then the hot to make the water warm. Test bath water before putting children in to bathe.


Child Passenger Safety

Protecting children in cars is a lifelong commitment. Become more educated in car seat installation and fit.

For more information please contact Carol Parker. Email:



Communications deals with the equipment used to communicate in the field both internally and publicly. The following systems are incorporated:

  1. Portable Radios - Portables are used on every response vehicle and position. Captain, Firefighters, and Chief Officers are all assigned one. Fire Prevention has some portables in their vehicles as well.
  2. Mobile Radios - All of Menlo Park Fire District's vehicles have mobile radios. They vary in type depending on the needs of the position held. Some vehicles have two.
  3. Base Radios - These are the repeaters for our radio frequencies. Currently only Station #1 has a base radio, however when Station #2 and Station #4 are rebuilt, base radios should be included in the construction costs.
  4. MST/GPS - are new based on the upcoming San Mateo County Radio System upgrade projected for 2FY 2007-08. This will allow independent information to our responding units for engine response information and location.
  5. Cell Phones - Cell Phones are required by the County to participate in the EMS Paramedic program for our engine companies. Fire inspectors have phones to facilitate their job assignments, as do stagg assigned to CERT and Information Technology.
  6. Zetron - This is the device that the County requires so alarms and/or emergency calls can be rung down at the stations. Printers are part of this system for a printed copy of the incident information.

Fire Prevention and Safety Education Programs

The Menlo Park Fire Protection District will provide fire and safety education for any business, school, resource center and age group. We will custom design a program for your age group, business or topic and time. Please call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 650-688-8400 to schedule an appointment for your fire and safety education program.


Fire Safety In Your Home


Helping Hugs Teddy Bear Program

The goal is to provide a teddy bear or other stuffed animal to each child involved at the scene of an accident or traumatic incident. A teddy bear is given to youngsters to relieve some of the trauma and confusion children experience when involved in car accidents, fires, or other traumatic situations. This makes the firefighter’s job a little easier by comforting the child and building a trust or bond with the child thus enabling a less-stressful and more thorough evaluation of the child’s injuries or comfort during a stressful situation.

Outdated Pharmaceutical Disposal Program

The San Mateo County Pharmaceutical Disposal Program is a public service trifecta, benefiting the environment, youth and seniors and their families. It offers a convenient way for the proper disposal of expired or otherwise unwanted pharmaceuticals through participating local law enforcement agencies. Anyone can walk into each site, place their unwanted medicines in the receptacle and walk away. The program's three main goals are to help seniors avoid dangerous medication dosage errors, help reduce or prevent recreational pharmaceutical use and to stop the continuing contamination of the environment by myriad medicines flushed down countless drains every day.

For more information about this program, please click here .

The closest drop-off locations for Menlo Park residents are:

                      Atherton Police Department
                      83 Ashfield Road - Atherton
                      Seven days a week, 24 hours a day

                      San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office
                      400 County Center, 3rd Floor - Redwood City
                      Monday - Friday:  9 am to 5 pm

Wildland Fires