Water Rescue


In 1989 the Menlo Park Fire District assumed the responsibility of providing aid to people using the water ways bordering the Fire District. This decision was the driving force for the implementation of a Water Rescue Team. After the annexing of the water ways and baylands, the District started to form a Water Rescue Team. In January 1991 the team activated for the first time. To learn about the history of the Water Rescue Team please click here .

The Menlo Park Fire Protection District staffs a special Swift Water Rescue Team located at Fire Station 77. The team is staffed by specially trained and equipped firefighters. The team is one of thirteen affiliated State of California Governors Office of Emergency Services Response Teams. Equipped with wet suits, personal flotation devices, helmets, and specially designed water rescue devices, the Department's Swift Water Rescue personnel have the ability to create land-based water rescue systems, as well as to perform water-based contact rescues in order to save victims trapped in the many natural and man-made water emergencies. The team has the ability to respond across wetland, marsh areas, and mud flats with a specially designed high performance Air Boat. For deep water and large area search and rescue missions, the team can respond with the additional three inflatable boats and two personal water crafts. The team or modular components are available for immediate responses.

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